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"Transform your Google tour into an interactive sales tool with Advanced Navigation Tools."
What are Advanced Navigation Tools?

Advanced Navigation Tools enhance your Google Street View virtual tour by giving the online user more detailed information when they want to learn more.

Advanced Navigation Tools also allows you to publish a more personalised tour package by combining a wealth of interactive and forward thinking tools to showcase your business.

"Enrich your virtual tour through Advanced Navigation Tools and capture your customers engagement, online."

The concept works by adding a layer of advanced navigation which means you can feature your best locations within your tour, provides you with space to create adverts to sell products and services, promote your company or provide more in-depth information.

Advanced Navigation Tools creates a fantastic interactive platform whereby you can connect and engage with your customers in a simple, effective and user friendly manner.

Our main packages at a glance:
  Advanced Navigation
  15x Boundary Hotspots
  15x Dynamic Hotspots
  Auto Tour Rotation
  Basic Analytics
  Advanced Analytics
  1 Year Licence
  Set up included
  Advanced Navigation
  100x Boundary Hotspots
  100x Dynamic Hotspots
  Auto Tour Rotation
  Multi-Tour Navigation
  Basic Analytics
  Advanced Analytics
  1 Year Licence
  Set up included
  just £6 per week
  just £10 per week

Please note: Prices are exclusive of VAT

Business View South West Boundary Hotspots
These featured promotional areas will automatically pop up when a visitor passes over a boundary in a specific area of your tour. These pop ups can include images, text and links. Perfect for promoting products or services to tour visitors.
  Street View Virtual Tours Devon

Business View South West Advanced Navigation
Leave nothing undiscovered and enhance the user experience.
Link directly to the best locations within your tour through a single click.
  Street View Tours Devon

Business View South West Tour Analytics
Cut out the guess work. Analytics will provide the core facts about how often your tour is visited, for how long and much more. Get essential data on the success of the tour and figure out your return on investment.
  Google Virtual Tours Devon
Business View South West Dynamic Hotspots
Highlighted, promotional areas that require interaction from the user to appeal. For example, a visitor must click an icon, advert or wording embedded in the tour to reveal promotions, special offers and more. The pop ups can include images, text and links.

Business View South West

Automatic Rotation
Rotation puts a permanent spin on your tour when it is not being used. This helps visitors understand that it is more than just a single, static image and is a complete tour of your business.

  Street View Virtual Tours Devon

Business View South West Easy Publishing
The tour can be published simply to a variety of different platforms including your website, social media and much more.
  Google Virtual Tours Devon
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