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Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle Repairs Virtual tours for garages and car showrooms



Motoring: Google Virtual Tours

Ideal for car showrooms, garages and vehicle service centres alike, why not give potential clients a chance to view your comprehensive facilities with a 360 degree virtual tour?

Vehicle Repairs Provides transparency when showcasing your facilities
Provide people looking for a new car or those looking for somewhere to take their vehicle for an MOT, service or repair, with an interactive Google Streetview virtual tour. Able to view the wide range of cars on offer or your facilities in full, a virtual tour allows for the best transparency when it comes to showcasing your premises.
Vehicle Repairs
Enhances your visibility online
Google now puts virtual tours at the forefront when people search online for the services offered in a particular area. Your facilities are automatically flagged in search results as well as receiving prominent positions within your Google Maps listings.
Vehicle Repairs
Suitable for all sizes of garages and vehicle showrooms
Regardless of whether you run a small vehicle repair centre, or boast an expansive car showroom, a Google Streetview virtual tour is a fantastic way for clients to 'See inside' your premises, allowing them to see where you are situated and any parking facilities you may have, if applicable.

  Please see below for some more examples of completed Google Street View virtual tours for Garages and car showrooms in the UK.  

Please do not hesitate to get in touch today on 01404 598 015 to arrange a Google Street View virtual tour for your premises.

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